BIPOLAR Education Foundation
Championing Consumers’ Advocacy since 2007
Bipolar Education Foundation is closing up.                                                                                                                          8 May 2013 It is with disappointment that I advise on behalf of the Board, that the Bipolar Education Foundation (BEF) will cease operation. We can look back over the 6 years with pride, knowing that during that time we achieved all the elements of our vision. Our Vision; to promote education, awareness, prevention and de-stigmatisation of Bipolar disorders and depression. The current climate has caused the BEF Board to consider its position and has come to this point. The last four years of natural disasters in Australia have eroded significantly the availability of " disposable income" hence donations have dwindled. Global Financial Crisis which has affected 90% of people globally and charities in particular. The Mental Health Industry has developed a trend of assisting and persisting with the larger organisations hence the smaller ones like BEF were left begging to the occasional private or corporate benefactor with limited success. We greatly appreciate all who gave financially in any way, along with those who attended any of the BEF events and activities. To the invaluable generous support of a team of 15 volunteers who reached out to the community through the all important elements of our mission. During the 6 years Enrique TOPO Rodriguez and his band of volunteers made over 120 presentations reaching in excess of 30,000 people in NSW. TOPO has lead the BEF with a total spirit of making a difference , to take this community based approach to the broader community, via hard work, perseverance , while dealing with his own issues. We all thank TOPO for his efforts and I know that there are success stories out there following his talks that we will never know about --- so for that reason the BEF has succeeded. Terry Stewart Chairman Bipolar Education Foundation